For those called to be community leaders through entrepreneurial efforts and corporate leadership. This stream includes teachings in management, team-building, ethics, as well as hands on business projects and interaction with various community business leaders. Students will gain a greater understanding of how the Kingdom of God can advance in the midst of a 40-70 hour work week!


Have you ever dreamed of starting a non-profit to address some of the social justice issues facing our generation? Do you have a passion for overcoming cultural barriers and sharing your faith?  If so, this focus is for you! Mission/Justice students will be studying the history of missions, the current shifts in the field of cross cultural ministry. They will have a chance to interact with various faith based justice organizations. They will ask tough question: how does this fit in with the local church? What about fundraising? How do you make a difference for the long-haul?  Students with this focus will have some special projects with various NGO’s in the Lewiston area as well as extra responsibilities in regards to our international outreaches.


If you are called to plant a church, you need some serious tools. This stream dives into more of the specifics of the strategies and resources for church planting and church growth. Church Planting students will be exposed to everything from the legal stuff, the marketing strategy, to the nursery team and the coffee crew. Students will be connecting with the Vineyard East church planting task force and also some proven church growth strategists. Students with this focus will also be doing extra preaching/teaching projects as well as visiting churches of many different styles.


If you have a passion to help others experience the presence of God through worship, this stream is for you! It will connect you with training and leaders that have a vision for seeing lives changed in worship encounters with God. We will be drawing our trainings from the materials produced by some of the best worship leaders we can find– think Matt Redman, Kim Walker, David Ruis, Jim Gaunder.  Worship students will help lead worship in various venues, from large group experience to spontaneous prophetic intercession.



Technology is the key communication tool for reaching the next generation. Every HLI student will be trained in basic media communication like creating short movies but the Multi-media/Art students will be taking it deeper. What does it look like to communicate the story of the Kingdom of God through movies, music videos, photography, screenwriting, graphic design and more?? Come find out!



(a.k.a. College/Youth/Children Ministry) If you’ve ever felt a desire to minister to young people from toddlers to college students, this focus will give you some tools to pursue your calling. Student Ministry students will be exploring some of the developmental issues that affect your approach in ministry. They will be working with various leaders to understand the details of background checks and strategy behind the yearly planning for student ministry. Students will be exploring ways to recruit and train a team that will help raise up the next generation of Jesus followers!